My Great God

My Great God
This is what the Lord says:"Cursed is the one who trusts in man, who depends on flesh for his strength and whose heart turns away from the Lord"- Jeremiah 17:5

Monday, October 25, 2010

Goals are made with an open hand!

It has been a ery eventful weekend. We had our annual staff retreat for the High School ministry at my church. It was such an encouraging, refreshing time. The topic was "Stewardship" and it was super convicting but so helpful when figuring out how to practically change. My body is not mine. My body is completely owned by another! I say this right off the bat because on Friday i did my long run since i was going out of town and i guess i pushed it too hard or something because my knee has been killing me ever since. i have never ever ever had knee pain. I have been doing everything " right" when it comes to stretching, trigger pointing, icing and rest. Yet the pain remains. No doubt this is in the Lords will for today. Don't get me wrong, I have been asking him to take away the pain if it would be His will. In this tiny little trial i have seen how my fear loves to show its ugly head whenever possible. I have been tempted to think that i have "failed" and fall into the "pity me" pride! I have also been tempted to quit a few times because the goal seems even more impossible now, kin of as a way to protect myself from being let down possibly..BUT IM NOT!!
I promised my mom before I began that I would listen to my body. To not over due it when i KNOW there is a problem. If your an athlete you know the fine line of difference between pain and injury. SO i have taken today off. I feel like a lamo, but I know this is necessary if I want to continue to do this race.
Coming off of a super good weekend, thinking biblicaly about my body, my time, my stuff, my money... NONE OF IT IS MINE!! The time I have committed to use to train, the money i have committed to use and the tole I have committed to place on my body is all the LORDS! I am to be a steward of all of this. I am entrusted with these things for the glory of the Lord. Not for my own self exaltation. This concept has helped me think more clearly on this race even. (So silly I know) But I want to use all this time and money and pain to grow closer to my Savior... to know him better because i have chosen to do this. So please pray that my focus remains on enjoying and praising the Lord... that He would remain my goal to please... and to hold loosely my expectation to run this race, but to trust Him no matter what.. knee or no knee.

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